Kingray Company, administrator of this information portal, runs several websites about health and beauty and also an e-shop where you can buy presented products.

E-shop can be found at www.kingray.eu/en.

Information page www.bioquant.eu provides information on laser irradiation of blood with medical device BIOquant®, which helps to prevent and treat more than 130 diagnoses.

Information page medic-sk.eu focuses on health, detoxication and a healthy diet.

Kingray sells following products:

  • BIOquant® laser, treating over 130 diseases
  • nutritional supplements and antioxidants of world quality
  • epilation laser
  • BIOanion - sanitary liners of fourth-generation with infrared function
  • anti-cellulite ultrasound Slimming with a gift
  • ultrasound and photons against wrinkles

Kingray deals:

  • devices based on laser light used to treat and prevent diseases
  • cosmetics against wrinkles (anti-aging)
  • dietary supplements to boost the immune system
  • devices for purification of drinking water

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